1.  minium of a 50% deposit to ensure that you have your spot reserved   

  2.  prices that are established are in mexican national currency

  3.  prices are subject to change

  4.  Credit Cards accepted with a  4.5% rate 

Once confirmation of deposit has been confirmed your adventure with be BOOKED, remaining balance must be paid in full on the date and before the departure of any of our adventures.



  • 72 hr notice must be provided to ensure a full refund of any amount provided,

  • 24 hr notice of  any cancelation 50% will be refunded,

  • 12 hr notice of  any cancelation NO REFUND will  not  be reimbursed,

  • Last minute notice before or on time of  scheduled departure of any or all contracted parties ,NO REFUND will be reimbursed & FULL BALANCE of  amount must be provided.

  • If MAGICAL ADVENTURES LPZ cancels your adventure due to extreme weather conditions in which no activities are permitted by the Habor Captain and/or the Secretary of Communication and Transportation, guests may reschedule the adventure , Certain Restrictions may apply on Full Refunds.




  We MAGICAL ADVENTURES LPZ do not control any factors such as government actions, mechanical break-downs, climate, physical/health and emotional factores by any contratced parties.

All Visitors must sign a "DISCLAIMER OF RESPONSIBILTY FORM" before boarding any vessel or vehicle.


The Activity of Whale Shark in La Paz is highly government regulated by CONAP and SEMARNAT meaning that the boats must have special permits to enter the authorized zone 1, GPS tracking devices are used  to monitor the speed of the vessels, authorized staff must ask for authorization from the government agency to enter the whale shark area and once provided the access the  maxium time limited with-in the area is 2 hrs. max. in which only 14 boats are permitted at one time.

Entrances begin at 9 am , we recomend that any trip that you may reserve that it should be 1-2 days before your scheduled departure date from the La Paz, this will avoid any delays that may ocurre for your already scheduled air flight departures, being that in the entrances  may be delayed caused due to the high demand of  this activity and any procotol, rules and regulations that may govern the activity also due to any COVID-19  protocols.

We do not control any government regulations nor actions to allows us to enter any sooner nor guarantee timely access, we do our best to ensure a timely access by our part with the timely arrival of our guests.