Coral Reefs of La Paz

photography (c)  Daniel Alvarado

With-in the coastlines of the Baja California Penisula and the Gulf of California lies these magnificent live coral reefs laying in the beautiful turquoise waters filled with much marine life.


Our adventure begins in visiting various coral reefs sites  with-in a short distance of the city of La Paz,  you may experience some of the beautiful reefs and the marine life also in the  surrounding  areas we may encounter various marine birds and the magnificant beaches with their soft clean sand.

Beaches of Balandra
Magical Adventures Lpz
Magical Adventures Lpz
Snorkeling at Coral Reef

Coral Reef Adventure includes:

  • Certifed trained tour guide

  • Snorkeling equiment-life jackets-wet suit

  • Travelers insurance,

  • Snorkel at various reefs sites

  • Beach tour

  • Visit Sea Gull Island and Sea Lion Colony

  • Personalized catered food menu options

  • Lunch on the beach

Use of biodegradable-coral reef safe sun block only is highly recommended to be used.


Duration 5 hours



2 -4 Px  $7,000 pesos

5 -7 Px  $12,160 pesos

8- 10 Px (contact us)

  • $1,750 pesos per person -Shared Tour Minium 4 ppl.

  • Tips & Alcohol are not included

  • Subject to availability