Personal Hygiene


Due to the world wide virus of COVID-19, we have been provided a protocol by the health department to ensure that we provide you a clean and safe enviroment during your time with us. Within these standards of santization there will be:

  • Sanitization of the boats or vehicles will be conducted before your initial arrival,

  • Anti-bacterial gel will be used during any adventure,

  • Guests may bring their own snorkel equipment or use our equipment

  • All equipment  provided by us and to be used will be washed and disinfected prior to any use

  • Any additional items or equipement requested by our guests to be brought on board to any of our boats or vehicles will be disinfected, prior to boarding,

  • Use of face mask is required by our guests on inicial contact with our staff.

  • Face mask protection will be used by our staff

Due to social distancing some of our activities will be regulated on how many guests may be permitted on our boats or vehicles. With this in mind, we ask our guests to consider in contracting that the service be private in comparation of assisting in a shared tour.


For more information or questions be free to contact us.

Sanitizing Spray Bottles